Return Man 8 aka Field General

Well finally it is here, another great release from ESPN Arcade Games – Return Man 8; official name of the game is Field General though. We all have played previous versions and they were just amazing, I’m personally huge fan of American Football and I do enjoy playing sport games so this flash game was wonderful surprise for me.

What is new in Return Man 8? What changes were made? What should we know? I will break all these questions one by one below, read article carefully because it will help you to become champion.

Let’s talk about changes in the first place, graphics of the game didn’t change that much, movement of characters stays smooth, field looks kind of same, very first map is dark, this is probably because player could see his target clearly and it is helpful, it helped me to see target better and aim better.

Sounds of the game are as always fantastic, I always thought that realistic atmosphere of the game was achieved with a help of realistic sounds and noises in the game.

Now about objective of the game and what you should do – main goal is to aim well and throw ball to your teammate at the right place on the right time, timing is all you need to achieve success in Return Man 8. In order to throw ball you will need to use I, J, K and L buttons (you can also use arrow keys if it is more comfortable for you), these buttons are used to move yellow target across the football field, aim well, calculate speed and distance and once you have made your calculations hit that space bar button and your character will throw ball at your teammate.

Now aiming and throwing ball correctly is one part of the job, another one is to run with that ball across the football field and score touchdown, but this part is already well known for most of us which have played previous versions of Return Man game series. I want to be clear here, main thing in this version of the game is this new “aim and shoot ball” option, this makes game more interesting and I fully approve this addition, now you will need more skill in order to finish game successfully.

There are still special move available, but you still need to unlock them by winning in higher levels and earning high scores. These special moves as you know are crucial when things get serious in higher levels of the game, using them at the right time can give you victory, so make sure that you make everything possible to unlock those special moves (if you don’t know special moves can be triggered with A, S and D buttons).

To sum-up game in two words, in Return Man 8 you have two objectives: Throw and Run, simple as that. Watch tutorials if you need more details and have fun in this amazing American Football game.


Super smash flash 2 unblocked is rated as one of the best fighting games produced by the Mc Leod Gaming that has recently come out in an unlocked version. Its animation is just fabulous. All the unique and favourite characters from the world of video games and comic books are waiting for your help.

super smash flash is an excellent game where you fight with the world’s famous characters from various series such as Sonic, super Mario, Megaman and more characters.

Each fighter has his own unique abilities , which he uses to win the clash. In the game, you are favoured to be on the famous character’s side where your ultimate goal is to beat and knock out all your opponents to win. Select your favourite character from the list provided and begin the dynamic battle on the colourful pixel under awesome background soundtracks.Try to kill as many enemies as possible in the fighting game to avoid losing.
You can either play:
Single player against the computer,
Against a friend or
Play together with many friends on one computer in a tournament mode.

Survive this crazy zombie game, play game for free at official blog – Earn To Die 2, lots of different cars and horde of zombies!

REMEMBER:The more you play the more you unlock more new characters and new skills.

The game has three main modes; Classic, Adventure and All-Star Modes. In all the three you can jump through levels. To jump from one level to the other, right-click anywhere on the game screen, select,”settings”. Right- click again when the settings open and then click “play”. Your character is now waiting for your control. It’s worth noting that jumping through levels will not work in Adventure mode until you get to level four, but when you pass it, it will be possible to jump over levels.
If you correctly jump through the levels in all the three games you will be able to see the panel. Clicking on the starting part of the panel will take you to the next level.There is also a very interesting mode known as the “training”, where you can collect bonuses .

Your chosen character will take your instructions. The “control” key will satisfy all your requirements: two keys for attack which can be combined with directions keys (left key/6, right key/4, up scroll/8 and downscroll/2) to do more than a dozen of different combos: Mouse, arrows- moving, O – jumping, P -shock/fire.
CONCLUSION:McLead Gaming has been one of the best producers of games series which is an innovative and wonderful collection of fighting games has already made super mash game proud of. share the fun with us enjoy playing!